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School Premier league 2023

Title: School Premier league 2023
Event Date: 10-14-2023
Total Photo(s): 2
"No matter how much cricket you have played you are always learning"* *Alastair Cook'* In this process of learning, SPL(School Premier league)2023 was organised by Mr. Amitabh Sinha( convener SPL) Dr Neeraj Jain ( H.O.D P.ed) ,held at Shivaji Ground, Lucknow University between 12-10-23 to 15-10-23. Various school cricket teams participated with full energy and enthusiasm. *SWS Freedom Falcon, SWS Red Titans and SWS Warriors were the Teams that represented Siddhant World school.* SWS team won the first three matches but lost the fourth one, still gave a tough competition to the opponents . *All the Teams of SWS performed very well and were Awarded with the "Most Promising Cup" as a Trophy to be cherished life long and get inspiration to play many more games ahead.*

Table manners and etiquettes activity

Title: Table manners and etiquettes activity
Event Date: 10-13-2023
Total Photo(s): 5
Table manners are the rules of etiquette used while eating, which may also include the appropriate use of utensils. Different cultures observe different rules for table manners. Table manners have evolved over centuries to make the practice of eating with others pleasant and sociable.... Young minds are receptive and they are quick to learn. Teaching such etiquettes from an early age will do a world of good for these children... Keeping this in mind a table manners activity was conducted in *Pre Primary wing of Siddhant World School on 13 October 2023* as an enriching activity for the kids. Children took part in this activity with great enthusiasm and enjoyed it immensely.

Inter-House G.K.Competition

Title: Inter-House G.K.Competition
Event Date: 10-10-2023
Total Photo(s): 4
"General Knowledge helps to keep us connected and upto date with every part of the world. "* An Inter-House *G.K.Competition* was organized in ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????? on 10th October 2023 in the school Auditorium, for grades I-IV. The competition was divided in two groups. Group -1 (grade I and II) and Group -2 (grade III and IV).It comprised of 3 rounds - MCQ, Picture based and Rapid Fire. All the rounds were keenly contested.It was heart-warming to see the children brimming with enthusiasm and exuberance. The competition was judged by Ms. Poonam Khanna and Ms Aparna Verma. Quiz ended with the declaration of the results. In Group 1 Equality house was declared as the winner and in Group -2, Justice house emerged victorious.

Blue Colour Day

Title: Blue Colour Day
Event Date: 10-09-2023
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*Pre - Primary Wing of Siddhant World School celebrated Blue Colour Day on 9 October 2023*. BLUE is a cool and calming color that shows creativity and intelligence. The dress code of the day was blue. All the children dressed up in different shades and hues of blue. To make the activity more inclusive, children brought different objects like toys, decorative items, and drawings based on the theme. Deliberately planned in-class activities enabled the little ones not only to learn innovative games but also enhanced their logical and reasoning minds. Children improved their vocabulary by learning different shades and their names. The children also gave presentation on the various objects they brought. Blue Day was an amazing learning experience for the tiny tots Children enjoyed the activities with immense enthusiasm and zeal

Spell Bee Competition

Title: Spell Bee Competition
Event Date: 10-07-2023
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Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. An Inter-House *Spell Bee Competition* was organized in Siddhant World School on 7th October 2023 in the school Auditorium, for grades V-XII. Classes were divided in three groups and the competition was held in 4 different rounds for all the groups. The competition helped students improve their spellings, increase their vocabulary, learn concepts, and develop the use of correct English.The event was judged by Ms. Poonam Khanna and Ms. Aparna Verma.The event was flawlessly conducted by Ms. Sandhya, Ms. Alin Andrews and Mr. Akash Srivastav. Children participated earnestly in the competition. Their efforts and initiative was appreciated by one and all.